Environment Assessment

This service provides a comprehensive assessment of your business network and infrastructure, and includes:

  • up-to-date documentation for all parts of your processing environment:
    • hardware assets
    • network topology
    • installed software with versions/upgrade patches applied
    • software license inventory
  • list of identified network and systems security risks and ways to address them
  • list of areas for improvement, broken down into items requiring immediate attention and future improvements
  • equipment lifecycle analysis, with a list of end-of-life/obsolete assets that need replacing

Environment Stabilization

This service addresses stability issues and brings predictability to the processing  ability of your environment. In the course of delivering this service, we:

  • troubleshoot and resolve your most urgent stability issues
  • bring your systems and network software up to date by upgrading it to the latest stable versions
  • apply security patches in correct order
  • test the effectiveness of the solutions through closely monitoring changes

Planning Design Implementation

Relying on our long experience as a Microsoft Certified Professional focusing on Windows Networking and Security, we can help you evolve and improve your computer environment through custom solutions. With your goals and budgets in mind, we plan, design, and implement the following:

  • MS Windows networks and computing environments
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server solutions
  • Citrix solutions and server infrastructures
  • remote access and connectivity solutions
  • data room/data center migration
  • backup and recovery solutions
  • multi-location services
  • and much more—if it’s not on this list, just ask us

When planning solutions for our clients, we strive for the best balance of processing  efficiency, security, smooth integration, attention to costs, and reliance on proven technologies.


Managed Services

Our managed services consist of ongoing, comprehensive support and maintenance activities for your network and systems infrastructure. Depending on your needs, we offer the following levels of service, in increasing order of coverage:

  • Preventive Remote Maintenance
  • Remote Support
  • On-call Support
  • On-site Support

Preventive Remote Maintenance

Using a regular schedule, we remotely check your environment, and will follow up on actionable items, such as:

  • hardware malfunctions
  • systems and network software in need of updates
  • soon-to-expire software licenses
  • low hard drive space
  • virus detection
  • possible system intrusion or unauthorized access attempts
  • poorly performing hardware, software, or network

This allows us to address issues before they become significant problems.


Remote Support

Most technical problems can be resolved remotely, without having our personnel present at your site. This also reduces the time to resolution because travel is not involved.

Typical activities that we can do via remote access include:

  • optimizing system usage to boost performance
  • troubleshooting software and hardware problems
  • making adjustments to system access and user permissions
  • documenting the changes for easy reference and referral
  • backing up and restoring data

On-call Support

We offer on-call support for your staff in need of assistance. Most common scenarios include:

  • help with using the computing environment
  • time-sensitive support requests
  • user-specific problem diagnostics

On-site Support

While we enjoy face-to-face interaction with our customers, we find that the most effective application of our on-site time is focused on following activities:

  • project planning meetings
  • complex technical issue diagnostics and resolution
  • physical equipment delivery and configuration
  • emergencies

For emergencies, response times range from the standard next-day visit to an elevated four- or even two-hour response times.

Contact us for our pricing policies.